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Who we are

We are passionate about seeing a difference made in your life, in the community, and in the world. 

Our mission is to lead people to live and move and have their being in Jesus Christ. This is how we make a difference and it is what puts us into motion.

Meet our pastors

Pastor Chris and Shelley started Motion Church with a vision and passion to reach those disconnected from the church by creating a place that was welcoming of all people from any background. After 8 years of serving as youth pastors and a great deal of wrestling with the idea of starting a church from scratch, they took the leap of faith to make it happen. Despite not having much to start, God came through to see the vision come to life. Since then, they have seen God work in their lives and the lives of those that attend, unlike anything they could have imagined. 

Both Pastor Chris and Shelley are from New Diana with a passion for their community. They met while in high school, and after a little bit of convincing, they got together and eventually got married. They have been married for 20+ years and since then have added 4 amazing children to the family; Tai (22), Taveon (18), Titus (13), and Rhett Reid (1).


Whatever season you find yourself in, you matter and you have a purpose. Wherever you are on your journey, you have a next move to make. Whenever you are ready to make that move, we will be here to help you make it! 


You do not have to do this life alone. Instead, you can become a part of this authentic community that loves to laugh hard, loud, and often and grows in every season of life. 

What is your next move?


We will meet people wherever they are at. Jesus did that, so will we. We love our community and are passionate about serving it locally and globally. So we partner with various organizations that we believe are making a larger impact in their circles of influence. 


We believe strong families start with strong foundations. That is why we love to partner with parents to help raise the next generation to become all that God has created them to be. 

Your children have a place here to grow personally, with other students, and in their relationship with God. 

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